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Canadian restaurant chain Topper’s Pizza enjoys a robust presence exclusively in Ontario. Established in 1982, as Mr. Topper’s Pizza, the pizza franchise operates over 30 locations throughout the province. The Toppazzini family maintains ownership of the company and uses secret family recipes passed down through four generations to create distinctive award-winning pizzas. The pizzeria chain boasts a workforce of hundreds of entry-level associates and experienced managers. Topper’s Pizza continually offers new employment opportunities as the company aggressively pursues expansion into untapped urban markets throughout Ontario.

Topper’s Pizza features pizza crust that distinguishes the franchise from other Canadian pizza makers. The company follows a secret family recipe for Italian bread to produce unique Authentic ItalianBread Crust that forms the base of most menu items. Topper’s Pizza utilizes the trademarked crust to produce calzone-like Topperottis and 24 varieties of pizzas. Restaurant locations also offer wings with 14 flavors of dipping sauces. In 1998, the company introduced Topper’s Famous House Dip, the first dipping sauce for pizza crust available in Ontario. Each franchise location also retails the signature dip in bottles for customers to enjoy at home. Topper’s Pizza furnishes dine-in, takeout, and delivery services.

The family-run pizza company offers entry-level job seekers abundant opportunities for employment in customer service and cooking positions. Topper’s Pizza provides training for inexperienced workers and establishes few formal education requirements for most job openings. Franchises also hire more experienced, career-minded applicants into managerial positions. Most Topper’s Pizza locations utilize standard hiring practices and offer fast-paced work environments. Complete an online application form with Topper’s Pizza to access career opportunities in the Canadian pizzeria industry today.

Available Topper’s Pizza Jobs and Salary Information
Entry-level associates at Topper’s Pizza enjoy flexible part-time and full-time work schedules. Managers frequently adhere to preset schedules featuring longer hours and receive appropriate benefits and compensation. Topper’s Pizza franchises may give preference to applicants available during peak business hours. Minimum working age stands at 14 years, although requirements may vary depending on specific job duties. Apply online today to review more information about working at Topper’s Pizza. Employment opportunities with the pizza chain include:

Server – Topper’s Pizza hires entry-level serving associates dedicated to delivering friendly and professional customer service. Servers take customer orders, distribute food and beverages, and complete sales transactions. Other responsibilities include cleaning dining areas and stocking inventory. Strong communication skills and multitasking abilities usually benefit prospective servers. Various Topper’s franchise locations may also prefer applicants to have some prior restaurant experience. Pay for servers with Topper’s Pizza begins around minimum wage, with more experienced members of the waitstaff earning up to $11.00 or $12.00 hourly.

Cook – Applicants with passion for pizza may enjoy cooking at Topper’s Pizza. Employees produce dough for the signature crust, operate kitchen equipment, and create high quality menu items. Additional duties involve cleaning work areas and washing dishes. Prospective Topper’s Pizza cooks must possess the ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment. Previous kitchen experience may also prove helpful. Cooks at Topper’s Pizza earn minimum wage to start and roughly $11.00 or $12.00 an hour with experience.

Delivery Driver – Topper’s Pizza delivery drivers collaborate with cooks to provide quick, efficient customer service. These employees ensure order accuracy and guarantee customer satisfaction. Delivery drivers with Topper’s Pizza must possess valid driving certification, a clean driving record, and reliable transportation. In addition to delivery responsibilities, workers assist with kitchen duties as necessary. Topper’s delivery drivers earn minimum hourly wages combined with customer tips.

Management – Topper’s Pizza offers managerial opportunities for applicants seeking careers in the restaurant and pizzeria industries. Managers oversee all facets of daily restaurant operations and perform both administrative and supervisory tasks. Responsibilities range from processing payroll, ordering inventory, and tracking sales to hiring new associates, creating work schedules, and resolving customer issues. Prospective Topper’s Pizza managers should hold a high school diploma and demonstrate exceptional communication and leadership skills with previous supervisory experience. Restaurant managers with enjoy annual salaries beginning around $35,000. Management positions offer opportunities for career advancement and salary growth.

Benefits of Working at Topper’s Pizza
Topper’s Pizza offers casual work environments with high standards of cleanliness and safety. The company also provides several other employment benefits to part-time associates and full-time supervisors alike. In addition to competitive wages and flexible schedules, workers receive paid training, company uniforms, and employee discounts. Fill out an online job application to learn more about Topper’s Pizza employment opportunities and work benefits.

The Canadian pizza franchise also offers medical plans and financial incentives. Qualified Topper’s Pizza employees receive dental, vision, prescription drug, and general medical coverage. Additionally, eligible workers with the pizza delivery chain enjoy financial benefits, like 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and performance-based bonuses. Apply online today to take advantage of available careers and job benefits at Topper’s Pizza.

In 1904, Giuseppi Toppazzini emigrated from Italy to Canada and opened a bakery to sell Italian bread made from a secret family recipe. Grandson Ron Toppazzini assumed control of the family business in the 1970s and converted the bakery into a pizzeria. Mr. Topper’s Pizza opened in 1982 and produced pizza crust using the secret family bread recipe. In 1985, with nine locations, the company introduced the shortened Topper’s Pizza brand name. The Toppazzini family maintains ownership of Topper’s Pizza and operates more than 30 locations throughout Ontario.

The Topper’s Pizza menu offers seemingly endless potential pizza combinations. The company produces the signature Authentic ItalianBread Crust in four varying degrees of thickness. Customers then choose between five different sauces and nearly 40 toppings to create fully customized, made-to-order pizzas. The Canadian franchise also boasts 20 specialty pizzas, including innovative options like Grilled Chicken Bruschetta and Thai Sensation. In addition to pizza selections, Topper’s Pizza features 14 flavors of dipping sauces for crusts and wings. Customers may purchase bottles of Topper’s Famous House Dip, Topper’s Bold BBQ, and Topper’s Sweet and Spicy Thai sauces at any franchise location.

The Toppazzini family continues to operate Topper’s Pizza, with Keith Toppazzini acting as President and COO and brother Kelly Toppazzini serving as Chairman and CEO. The company generates millions of dollars in annual revenue from over 30 franchise locations. Topper’s Pizza continually seeks opportunities to expand further across Ontario. The pizza chain maintains headquarters in Barrie, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Topper’s Pizza: 14

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