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Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Swiss Chalet restaurants offer casual dining at affordable prices. Most Swiss Chalet locations reside in strip malls across the country. The company opened in 1954 and today operates over 200 locations across Canada. Swiss Chalet reaches customers through dine-in services, drive-through service, take-out, and even online ordering options. Cara Operations stands as the parent company for Swiss Chalet, with headquarters in Toronto.

Swiss Chalet separates the restaurant staff into hourly opportunities and management opportunities. The national restaurant chain needs quality workers from British Columbia to New Foundland. Regardless of experience level, job seekers interested in restaurant work should consider employment with Swiss Chalet. An entry-level job may lead to a more rewarding career, complete with competitive wages and employee rewards.

Swiss Chalet Positions and Salary Info
Host – Hosts and hostesses usually represent the first person customers meet when entering Swiss Chalet. The main job for hosts involves scheduling parties, seating customers, bringing menus and silverware, and occasionally some serving responsibilities. Hosts with Swiss Chalet may also take down reservations, as well. Important qualities for hosts include excellent social skills under pressure, whether from customers or coworkers. Hosts and hostesses at Swiss Chalet restaurants often earn pay rates from $10.00 to $11.00 an hour.

Server – Successful hosts or hostesses normally graduate to server jobs after some time spent with the company. First and foremost, servers ensure a pleasant and comforting dining experience with Swiss Chalet. Waiters and waitresses take down drink orders, bring out any appetizers, tell customers about any specials going on, and finally take down all food orders. Swiss Chalet servers must work with promptness and respect for the customer. Servers generally make about $10.00 per hour with the restaurant chain, plus tips for good service.

Bartender – Bartenders with Swiss Chalet work in a similar atmosphere as servers. Bartenders mainly serve a variety of beer and mixed drinks to customers. Bartenders must usually be certified to work with Swiss Chalet. Additionally, bartenders must possess a wide knowledge of mixology. In hourly positions, Swiss Chalet bartenders earn around $9.00 to $10.00 an hour but may accept tips, as well.

Management – Management opportunities with Swiss Chalet normally fall under assistant management and restaurant management. Assistant managers mainly ensure each employee stays on task throughout the restaurant. Swiss Chalet assistant managers also may take control of the restaurant when lead managers do not work. While general managers do spend time on the floor, those workers also perform many behind-the-scenes duties. For example, Swiss Chalet restaurant managers set the work schedule, handle payroll, and screen, interview, and hire applicants. Most management jobs with Swiss Chalet feature salary options, ranging from $40,000 to $65,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Swiss Chalet
Parent company Cara Operations Limited currently handles employee benefits with Swiss Chalet. Main job benefits from Swiss Chalet include health and wellness and financial stability. Like many restaurants in the industry, Swiss Chalet generally provides benefit information during the interview and hiring process. Eligibility requirements for Swiss Chalet may depend on experience, employment status, and more.

Health benefits from Swiss Chalet mainly feature general medical insurance, including vision, dental, and general health coverage. Financial benefits from Swiss Chalet include performance bonuses, employee savings accounts, discounts on meals, and many more. The overall atmosphere for Swiss Chalet features a flexible schedule, allowing workers to take care of their personal lives and commitments outside of work. Some additional work benefits for management associates include paid vacation and some of the same perks as corporate employees.

The first Swiss Chalet casual dining restaurant opened at 234 Bloor Street in Toronto, Ontario. The restaurant chain quickly started to expand to other Canadian markets, such as Quebec, Alberta, New Brunswick, and British Columbia. As a major Canadian brand, Swiss Chalet allows entrepreneurial candidates to open franchise locations. Swiss Chalet restaurants operate under supervision of the Cara Corporation of restaurants.

Swiss Chalet claims fresh ingredients and preparation on the company menu. Chicken dishes stand as the some of the more popular products offered by Swiss Chalet. In addition to chicken, Swiss Chalet also features salads, fish, appetizers, sandwiches, and various desserts. For each dinner, customers may choose from multiple sides, such as mashed potatoes, seasoned rice, Canadian poutine, corn, and fresh vegetables, to name a few. Many menu items do have healthy alternatives, as well.

Cara Operations currently own Swiss Chalet restaurants. Sister companies to Swiss Chalet include Harvey’s, Milestone’s Bar & Grill, Montana’s Cookhouse, Coza Tuscan Grill, and Kelsey’s. Swiss Chalet helps Cara Operations take in more than $1.9 billion in annual revenue. The Cara network features over 40,000 employees in restaurants and corporate atmospheres.

Minimum age to work at Swiss Chalet: 16

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  1. Hi, my name is Elisa Iampieri and i have worked with Swiss Chalet for a few years on and off. I have worked in pantry and hostess for about a year and a half at the Rexdale location, I had been a hostess for about five months and a server for six months at the finch and arrow road location that just shut down. I loved my time at Swiss Chalet and would love to be a team member of another location!

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