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The Canadian hardware store conducts regular job interview to hire on additional help at retail and distribution location. Employment opportunities with RONA include part-time and full-time jobs. Work generally involves aspects of customer service and manual labor. RONA hiring managers consistently screen for highly knowledgeable and attentive workers to fill job vacancies. Employment requirements may vary by department. Complete an online application form to reveal further details on RONA jobs and receive immediate hiring consideration from the home improvement retailer today.

Available RONA Jobs and Salary Information
Most RONA hardware stores hire applicants as young as 14 years of age for entry-level customer service roles. Work environments vary by department but generally include sales-oriented, customer-prioritized settings with extensive paid training programs and continued education opportunities. Experienced professionals 18 and over may apply online for work in RONA managerial roles and corporate positions. RONA needs to fill the following job titles:

Sales Associate – Average starting pay for RONA sales associates begins around minimum wage. Experience in the hardware store industry or time spent with the company often lead to hourly pay scales in excess of $14.00 or $15.00. Job duties range from greeting customers and assisting in sales to demonstrating products and merchandise, ringing up purchases, and maintaining organizing department sales floors. Motivated, helpful, and personable individuals generally fair well during RONA job interviews. RONA workers need no real experience to receive hiring consideration for sales associate jobs.

Receiver – The position of RONA receiver involves a great deal of manual labor. Primary responsibilities include loading and unloading shipments, breaking down merchandise boxes, stocking shelves, and building displays and showcases. RONA receiver employees may work day or night shifts as part-time or full-time associates. Holiday and overtime schedules may prove necessary on occasion, as well. RONA receivers typically start out around $12.00 an hour and experience increases up to $15.00, in most cases.

Management – Applicants and current employees with sound leadership qualities should apply online for work as RONA managers. Available job titles include department manager, retail sales manager, and store manager. RONA department managers oversee entry-level workers, set schedules, and delegate daily tasks. Retail sales associate jobs involve operational and administrative responsibilities, such as processing payroll, driving sales, and generating sales goals. RONA store managers oversee entire operations at store locations and communicate with company corporate offices. Typical pay rates for RONA department manager employees fall between $35,000 and $40,000 in annual salary. Retail sales managers earn roughly $42,000 per year, on average. Salary options for RONA store managers may reach upwards of $80,000 a year, depending on experience and location.

Benefits of Working at RONA
As a self-proclaimed champion of social commitment, RONA cares for employees and offers comprehensive work benefits to entry-level, new-hire employees and tenured professionals alike. Upon completing the hiring process, RONA workers enjoy complimentary uniforms, continued training and education programs, competitive wages, and discounts on RONA merchandise and services. Flexible work schedules, scholarship programs, and service recognition awards also await prospective associates in search of RONA jobs.

Qualified workers with RONA also enjoy competitive employment benefits packages consisting of healthcare options, insurance plans, and time off. Due to franchising, specific job benefits available typically vary by location. However, eligible hardware store employees often receive medical coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, and paid time off. Contact a local RONA hardware store or apply online to find more information on available employee benefits and employment opportunities.

More about RONA
RONA operates as a chain of Canadian hardware stores specializing in gardening and home improvement supplies. A prominent company in the Canadian hardware supplies industry, RONA serves as a major distributor of tools and equipment in addition to general retail sales. In total, RONA maintains close to 800 stores across the North American country. RONA retail stores employ close to 30,000 workers. Including distribution and call centers, RONA boasts more than 50,000 associates companywide.

Like many hardware stores in the competitive niche retail market, RONA operates big box store locations. Large store formats enable the sale of thousands of name-brand and generic-label items at reasonable prices. RONA also maintains RONA Home & Garden and over a dozen other retail stores under the company banner. Specialized product selections and knowledgeable, courteous staff members draw millions of customers to the Canadian retailer annually. RONA caters to both English-Canadian and French-Canadian populations at all store locations.

RONA began as Les Marchands en Quincaillerie Ltee in 1939. Successful for many years, Les Marchands en Quincaillerie Ltee incorporated as Quincaillerie Ro-Na Inc. in the early 1960s. In 1962, Canadian businessman Napoleon Piotte purchased Les Marchands en Quincaillerie Ltee. The hardware store company changed names again during the 1970s to operate as Ro-Na Ltee. The company introduced the big box format of present-day store locations during the 1990s. By April 2013, approximately 800 retail stores and several distribution centers operated under the RONA namesake.

Products and Services
In addition to a operating throughout Canada, RONA maintains a prominent online presence. The hardware store chain offers DIY tips, product information, and shopping capabilities through the company website. In store, customers may take advantage of highly trained and personable employees dedicated to providing extensive product information and instruction. RONA store departments offer specialized assistance with home improvement, gardening, electrical, plumbing, and many other aspects of renovation, repair, and installation. RONA also operates a delivery service through most store locations.

RONA trades publicly on the TSX as RON and generates roughly $4.8 billion in annual revenues. The retail chain comprises almost 20 percent of the Canadian hardware store market and pulls in almost $6 billion in sales annually. A sizeable workforce of more than 50,000 full-time and part-time employees maintains operations across RONA distribution centers and retail locations. Company corporate offices sit in Boucherville, QC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at RONA: 14

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