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National Bank of Canada offers financial services to individual customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. The banking business serves around 2.4 million clients and ranks as the sixth largest bank in Canada. The company maintains branches throughout Canada along with offices in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the globe. Additionally, NBC offers a full array of personal banking services and corporate and investment banking assistance. National Bank of Canada, through subsidiaries, also provides securities brokerage, insurance and wealth management, mutual fund services, and retirement management.

NBC utilizes the latest banking technology to provide financial services and solutions for customers. The e-commerce site for National Bank of Canada allows customers to manage accounts, make bill payments, transfer money, review account history, and make deposits. National Bank of Canada takes social responsibility and contributes to the health and well-being of the people in surrounding communities. The bank redistributes a percentage of profits as donations to aid in surrounding communities, education, and feeding the hungry.

As a leading Canadian retail banking chain, National Bank of Canada offers many entry-level positions for first-time job seekers and workers re-entering the workforce. Jobs for hire with the company include customer service representative, financial analyst, information technology, human resources, legal, and financial planner positions, to name a few. The main responsibilities for NBC associates involve customer service. Some positions with the banking company may require secondary education and/or specific job certification.

National Bank of Canada Job Titles and Salary Options
National Bank of Canada employs numerous workers throughout branches and offices located around the world. New applicants must stand at least 18 years of age for hiring consideration from NBC. The bank offers many full-time and part-time positions featuring enticing pay scales and excellent employee benefits. Interested individuals may visit the National Bank of Canada website to complete and submit an application for the following positions:

Customer Service Representative – Customer service representatives with NBC offer clients personalized bank services through telephone communications. New customer service workers learn and practice company policies, standards, and procedures through company training programs. Applicants must possess a high school diploma, two years of experience in a related field or college diploma, experience in sales and customer service, knowledge of bank products and services, and bilingualism in French and English. The average starting pay rate for NBC customer service jobs begins around $10.00 an hour.

Clerk – The clerk position stands as another entry-level job with National Bank of Canada. Bank clerks assist customers in daily transactions of deposits, account balance information, money transfers. NBC bank clerks must also offer new bank services and products. Applicants for clerk positions must have a high school diploma or equivalent, great organizational skills, and the ability to work a flexible schedule. Bank clerks with National Bank of Canada often make about $12.00 per hour to start.

Investment Agent – Investment agents carry some of the heaviest financial duties with National Bank of Canada. Investment agents generally handle high-priority clients. Some typical duties for investment agents include assisting with administrative, operational, and transaction services for clients. In addition to wealth management, investment agents must maintain a professional relationship with each client, complying with bank policies, standards, and corporate procedures from NBC. Investment agents may expect to earn upwards of $20.00 an hour.

Management – Management opportunities exist in just about every department of National Bank of Canada. Managers train heavily to monitor and supervise staff members across hundreds of branches. Qualified individuals may find management opportunities in customer service, personal banking, data management, mortgage development, and many other departments. To qualify, applicants usually need significant experience in finance, banking, and related areas. With so many responsibilities, NBC managers earn additional rewards. Bank managers may make in excess of $60,000 per year.

National Bank of Canada Work Benefits
In addition to challenging work and responsibilities, National Bank of Canada offers enticing and worthwhile employment benefits to qualified employees. Job perks from NBC help to ensure financial stability, health and wellness, career growth, and future planning and management. To become eligible for employee benefits with National Bank of Canada, workers must meet some general guidelines. First, full-time bank associates receive more job benefits than part-time team members. Second, workers must be employed with NBC for a set amount of time before benefits take effect. Additional job benefit information for National Bank of Canada becomes available after completing the hiring process.

In order to get the most out of employees, National Bank of Canada offers several programs for career growth. For entry-level workers hoping to move up, NBC holds many seminars and financial classes. Recent graduates may even take advantage of tuition assistance, reimbursement, and continuing education options. Wellness benefits from National Bank of Canada feature standard programs like comprehensive life insurance, with medical, dental, and vision coverage. Health insurance covers both NBC associates and dependents. Financial assistance from National Bank of Canada includes employee savings accounts and complimentary wealth management. Retirement planning usually does not become available until after an introductory period.

In 1859, the first National Bank of Canada entity opened in today’s Montreal, Quebec. In fact, NBC still keeps main headquarters in Montreal. During the early 20th Century, NBC merged with several other Canadian banks in order to survive the recessions of the 1920s. By the end of the 1970s, National Bank of Canada held over $9 billion in company assets. By the time NBC reached its 150th birthday, close to 20,000 employees worked for National Bank of Canada.

National Bank of Canada currently acts as a publicly traded company. On the Toronto Stock Exchange, NBC trades under the initials, NA. Currently, NBC manages a network of around 450 branches across Canada. National Bank of Canada operates several divisions, such as investment management, bank financial, bank trust, bank securities, and life insurance.

Minimum age to work at National Bank of Canada: 18

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