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Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Bar & Grill operates a casual and intimate restaurant chain across the Canadian provinces. Kelsey’s menu selection offers something for just about every taste and appetite. Owned by Ontario-based Cara Operations, Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Grill stands as one of the more successful full-service restaurant chains in Canada. Headquarters for Kelsey’s reside in Mississauga, Ontario.

Kelsey’s restaurants offer many popular dishes in the foodservice industry. Customers may choose from extensive lunch, dinner, dessert, and drink menus. Kelsey’s staff may prepare any combination of appetizers, soups, sandwiches, salads, entrees, and desserts for adults and kids alike. Each dish features generous portions and over a dozen side dish options.

As a member of the largest restaurant corporation in Canada, Kelsey’s continues to grow at a steady pace. To meet the demand for growth, Kelsey’s needs to hire new employees for current and future restaurants across the country. Kelsey’s features jobs suitable for entry-level workers and individuals with experience in the restaurant industry. Additionally, employment with Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Bar & Grill exists in part-time and full-time capacities.

Kelsey’s Restaurant Jobs and Salary Information
Just about every job with Kelsey’s restaurants requires exceptional customer service abilities. The success of a restaurant depends on customers coming back time after time. Job seekers should keep that idea in mind when applying for jobs with Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Bar & Grill. Restaurant operations divide into two distinct categories – front of house and back of house. Some popular positions with Kelsey’s restaurants include:

Servers – Server jobs require a great deal of work flexibility, as many Kelsey locations operate extended hours. First and foremost, Kelsey’s servers provide an excellent customer service experience to each diner. Servers take drink orders, refill drinks, talk about any restaurant specials, serve orders, and finally cash out all customers. Typical wages for Kelsey’s servers rest around $9.00 an hour. However, as with many restaurants, servers at Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Bar & Grill earn gratuities for good service.

Line Cooks – Line cooks often work for Kelsey’s previously and move up through promotion. Applicants usually must become entry-level kitchen workers, such as bussers or dishwashers, before graduating to line cook jobs. As one would expect, line cooks must create all the items on the restaurant menu, from appetizers and sandwiches to ribs and steaks. Cooks must feel comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, especially during weekends and dinner rushes. Another hourly position, line cooks earn anywhere from $10.00 to $15.00 per hour.

Bartenders – Bartender jobs typically require some previous training in mixing drinks. Kelsey’s bartenders must also work a variety of hours. Like servers, bartenders at Kelsey’s restaurants must feel comfortable dealing with a variety of customers. Hourly, bartenders make around $8.00 to $10.00 but also may collect tips for good service.

Management – Management team members with Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Bar & Grill mainly monitor and educate employees on store policy and practices. Managers should expect to perform many common duties of entry-level workers. However, the main focus for restaurant managers include office duties, such as scheduling associates, performing payroll, and screening, interviewing, and hiring new employees. A salaried position, managers for Kelsey’s restaurants may receive rather lucrative earnings, around $40,000 to $50,000 a year.

Benefits of Working at Kelsey’s
With support from Cara Operations, Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Grill offers enticing job benefits to qualified employees. Cara Operations mainly handles all work benefit situations. Qualifications usually depend on job title, employment status, and time spent with the company, among other factors. By offering perks both big and small, Kelsey’s restaurants provide rewards beyond just a paycheck.

Employment benefits from Kelsey’s restaurants prominently feature both financial security and medical coverage. For example, eligible Kelsey’s associates receive vision, dental, and prescription drug insurance options in addition to general healthcare coverage. Most policies cover both workers and dependents. Financially, Cara Operations features financial savings plans, employee assistance programs, and 401(k) retirement plans for long-time team members.

The first Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Bar & Grill location opened in Oakville, ON, in 1978. Kelsey’s became one of the first roadhouse-inspired restaurants in Canada. The restaurant chain expanded rather quickly across the rest of Ontario. Thanks in large part to franchising, more Kelsey’s restaurants began to open in provinces, like Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Overall, close to 100 Kelsey’s restaurants operate in communities across the country.

The menu for Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Bar & Grill features many typical roadhouse-style favorites. Some of the more popular products from Kelsey’s include gourmet burgers, barbecue ribs, grilled chicken, and salads. Common appetizers at Kelsey’s restaurants include artichoke dip, calamari, French onion soup, and oven-baked flatbreads. Kelsey’s even features a low-calorie menu for weight-watching eaters. Customers may stay and enjoy the Kelsey’s atmosphere or choose to order takeout instead.

Corporate headquarters for Kelsey’s Neighbourhood Bar & Grill reside in Mississauga, ON. Cara Operations stands as the parent company for Kelsey’s. Sister restaurants of Kelsey’s include Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Milestones Bar & Grill, and Montana’s Cookhouse. Cara Operations creates more than $2 billion in annual sales and operate over 700 restaurants. Corporate headquarters for Cara reside in Vaughan, a city in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Kelsey’s: 16

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