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Toronto-based health club GoodLife Fitness maintains more than 300 locations across Canada. The recreation center offers affordable and comprehensive services promoting fit and healthy lifestyles for members. Full of exclusive classes and fully stocked facilities, each location cultures a stress-free environment and promotes caring, clean, and trusting workout settings to eliminate any social apprehension or ill-camaraderie.

GoodLife Fitness establishments offer dozens of fitness and training programs. Some of the most popular classes include group cardio, yoga, athletic training, boot camps, and even private classes with personal trainers. The company also maintains traditional and state-of-the-art exercise equipment, such as aerobic machines, treadmills, swimming pools, and free weights. Locations consist of rather large facilities, with plenty of locker rooms, showers, and steam rooms. Many rec centres stay open for 24 hours on certain days of the week, which helps accommodate individual member schedules.

Each GoodLife Fitness centre features a workforce of dedicated trainers, advisors, instructors, and customer service representatives. Each employee not only promotes the reputation of service and attention but a positive outlook on routine fitness and health. For job seekers with experience or interest in the fitness industry, the chain offers employment opportunities across Canada. Depending on location and availability, applicants may choose from a variety of part-time and full-time jobs requiring unique skill sets and provide rewarding opportunities.

GoodLife Fitness Positions and Salary Information
The Canadian fitness centre encourages prospective workers to apply online for jobs with the company. Applicants must create online profiles which include names, contact information, education, employment histories, and references, to receive consideration. Job seekers may add personal resumes or CVs to the online profiles, as well. Many positions require certain certifications, which applicants must then show proof of during the hiring process. Based on qualifications, GoodLife Fitness applicants may find work as:

Fitness Advisor – Employees in the sales division of GoodLife Fitness often take on the title fitness advisor. Job duties for the entry-level position mainly include selling gym memberships and communicating with customers through various means (i.e. email, telephone, in person). Fitness advisors must explain and set up extensive membership plans, including fees, duration of the membership, and available amenities. Earnings for sales personnel largely depend on the volume of sales and memberships; however, average rates rest around $12.00 CAD to $15.00 CAD an hour.

Personal Training – As the title implies, personal trainers provide individual attention and guidance to GoodLife Fitness members. Facilities hire trainers from both general and specialized disciplines. Trainers set up workout plans, schedule workout times, and provide advice and tips to gym members. For hiring consideration, personal training applicants must hold several official certifications, such as GLPTI and CPR, and occasionally degrees in sport science or related fields, depending on experience. Additionally, personal trainers must live and practice healthy lifestyles and demonstrate knowledge of different fitness programs. Since each trainer maintains an individual and unique work schedule and client load, earnings may vary greatly. However, average salary options usually fall between $27,000 CAD and $35,000 CAD annually.

Customer Service – The customer service department operates much in the same manner as other corporations. Employees field calls, emails, and letters from potential, current, and former members and resolve complaints, concerns, or questions about policies, services, and amenities. As a result, the preferred customer service candidate must demonstrate a calm demeanor when interacting with the general public. Customer service associates frequently use telephones and computers to complete tasks. Applicants should feel comfortable spending significant hours in office environments. Like many sales advisors, GoodLife Fitness customer service representatives earn roughly $12.00 CAD to $14.00 CAD an hour.

Benefits of Working at GoodLife Fitness
GoodLife Fitness employees receive free gym memberships. Associates across Canada also receive job benefits packages from the company. Most employment benefits cover both general health and wellness and financial security. Workers may enroll in several medical programs, with insurance opportunities including dental, vision, prescription drug, and even rehabilitation assistance. Financially, employees earn competitive wages and flexible scheduling. Many employees may even enroll in retirement schemes after a certain amount of servitude. The company often awards workers with performance awards and giveaways, including free gym equipment and fitness-related programs, as well.

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From the company inception in 1979, GoodLife Fitness quickly gained a reputation in communities across Canada. Based out of London, ON, Canada, the chain operates as a cheap yet effective place for members to lead and pursue active lifestyles. More than 300 company health clubs reside in nearly every Canadian province. The popular fitness chain remains heavily involved in the communities the company serves, including work through many non-profit organizations and charities.

GoodLife Fitness promotes healthy lifestyles to both members and non-members. The company sponsors two marathons annually in both Vancouver and Toronto. The company also provides health centre and fitness services to thousands of businesses across Canada, such as banks, hotel chains, financial services companies, and numerous large corporations. Gyms across the country often sponsor guest trainers offering specialized classes and programs, such as Zumba, CrossFit, BodyPump, and CXWORX.

A private company, GoodLife caters to more than 850,000 members across the country. Management teams earn wide praise and recognition in the Canadian market, including Canada’s Best Managed Companies, 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures, and Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces, to name a few. Each year, GoodLife Fitness centres combine to bring in more than $100 million CAD in revenues. Company corporate offices reside in London, ON, Canada.

Minimum Age to Work at GoodLife Fitness: 18

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