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Gerber Collision & Glass maintains operations in four Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. A prominent automotive repair service center chain, Gerber Collision & Glass operates nearly 20 auto centers across the country. Originally a U.S. company founded in the 1930s, Gerber Collision & Glass joined Canadian auto repair proprietor The Boyd Group Inc. in 2004. The acquisition of Gerber by The Boyd Group saw the addition of several service center locations in Canada under the Gerber Collision & Glass brand name. In total, Gerber Collision & Glass consists of 200-plus locations and a workforce nearing 3,000 associates.

The North American auto service chain specializes in collision repairs and glass maintenance. Gerber Collision & Glass customers enjoy first-rate care and attention from highly trained technicians and customer service representatives. One of the longest standing companies in the automotive industry, Gerber Collision & Glass offers proven track records and quality service to attract customers. An international presence helps generate brand awareness and provides Gerber Collision & Glass with sound customer bases. An online presence with product listings and service details also help draw and retain Gerber Collision & Glass customers.

Like many other automotive industry companies, Gerber Collision & Glass needs to hire motivated and knowledgeable workers for part-time and full-time jobs. Gerber Collision & Glass customer service opportunities provide entry-level employment hunters ideal avenues for work. Career-minded applicants should apply online for work as technicians and managers. Gerber Collision & Glass requires technicians to hold proper certifications and at least some experience prior to employment. Customer service jobs typically hold no formal requirements. Submit an online application form to find in-depth details on available Gerber Collision & Glass jobs now.

Popular Gerber Collision & Glass Positions and Salary Information
Entry-level workers must meet the minimum age requirement of 14 years old in order to work for the automotive service center chain in Canada. Some stores may impose minimum hiring ages between 16 and 18. Most technical or advanced jobs with Gerber Collision require applicants to stand at least 16 for employment consideration. Gerber Collision & Glass provides paid training, personal and professional opportunities for growth and development, and competitive pay scales. Job titles commonly available include:

Customer Service Representative – Prospective associates in search of customer service jobs with Gerber Collision & Glass must possess friendly, personable, and courteous attitudes. The ability to provide detailed product knowledge and assist customers in a timely manner also factor in as desirable traits for customer service workers. Typical job duties primarily consist of ringing up purchases and explaining products, services, and policies. General store maintenance, such as sweeping and mopping, may also prove necessary during shifts. Gerber Collision & Glass offers both part-time and full-time customer service positions. Average hourly pay for customer service positions falls between minimum wage and $12.00.

Mechanical Technician – Gerber Collision & Glass takes pride in the certified technicians working for the international auto repair chain. Applicants must hold I-CAR Gold Glass and ASE certification to receive hiring consideration. Mechanical technicians with Gerber Collision & Glass must personally provide all tools and storage units. Job duties include servicing vehicles and installing auto parts. The position greatly involves manual labor and long shifts typically lasting between eight and ten hours. Pay rates for Gerber Collision & Glass mechanical technicians vary with experience but generally start at $35,000 to $40,000 per year and increase up to $60,000 or more annually.

Estimator – Another ideal opportunity for experienced automotive professionals, the position of Gerber Collision & Glass estimator involves aspects of customer service, sales, and assessment. Primary responsibilities include greeting customers, assessing damages and necessary services, and selling parts and services. Charismatic, engaging, and driven individuals typically represent ideal candidates for Gerber Collision & Glass estimator jobs. The position features full-time hours or 40 hours a week. Excellent communication skills, four to six years of related experience, and high school diplomas prove necessary for employment, in most cases. Estimators at Gerber Collision & Glass locations often earn annual salary options upwards of $55,000.

Management – Gerber Collision & Glass needs to hire workers with exceptional leadership and organizational skills to work as managers. Specific job titles available include production manager, parts manager, and general manager. Responsibilities range from ordering parts and organizing workers to setting schedules, maintaining equipment, ensuring customer satisfaction, processing payroll, and communicating with company headquarters. Gerber Collision & Glass imposes requirements for experience needed and academic certifications in order to gain employment. Formal qualifications typically vary by position. Managers with Gerber Collision & Glass in Canada may make anywhere from $55,000 up to $100,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Gerber Collision & Glass
Large, international companies like Gerber Collision & Glass provide sound rewarding environments, paid training opportunities, career advancement potential, and access to comprehensive employee benefits packages. Eligible Gerber Collision associates enjoy a wide range of work benefits, including 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, life insurance and disability insurance plans, and overtime compensation.

Gerber Collision & Glass Canada also provides basic employment benefits to entry-level associates and full-time workers alike. Upon hire, employees enjoy competitive base pay and incentives for bonuses and salary increases, discounts on products and services, and pro-rated uniforms. Apply online to learn more about Gerber Collision & Glass job benefits and begin the hiring process today.

One of the oldest automotive companies in North America, Gerber Collision & Glass began as small trim and auto glass repair shop in Chicago, IL, USA, in 1937. The company grew steadily over the next 40 years and eventually expanded into the auto body repair market in the late 1970s. In 2004, Gerber Collision & Glass went international after Canadian-based The Boyd Group Inc. purchased the auto center chain.

Special Services
Gerber Collision & Glass locations provide a wide range of automotive services. Customers enjoy collision repair, including vehicle interiors and exteriors, windshield repair and installation, and general automotive maintenance at affordable prices. Gerber Collision & Glass helps finance repairs, as well.

A private company until 2004, Gerber Collision & Glass operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boyd Group Inc. A public company, The Boyd Group trades on the TSX as BYD.UN. In addition to Gerber Collision & Glass, The Boyd Group manages Boyd Autobody & Glass and Service Collision Repair locations. Together, The Boyd Group companies generate between $30 and $40 billion in annual revenues. Gerber Collision & Glass shares company headquarters with The Boyd Group, which maintain corporate offices in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Gerber Collision & Glass: 14

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