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North American auto parts retailer and service center chain CARSTAR boasts more than 400 locations in the U.S. and Canada. The Canadian division of the CARSTAR automotive chain manages roughly 135 service centers in eight provinces nationwide. The original concept for CARSTAR began in 1992 and evolved into one of the most prominent automotive service companies by the late 1990s. Close to 4,000 workers maintain operations at CARSTAR locations internationally. CARSTAR Canada accounts for roughly 1,500 associates.

CARSTAR operates across Canada with locations in Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Specializing in auto body repair, CARSTAR provides fast, efficient, and affordable services. The automotive service center chain hires certified and trained professionals to perform general maintenance and specific repairs to dozens of makes and models of vehicles. Services extend to private citizens and corporate entities alike. Most CARSTAR locations operate in areas of heavy traffic. CARSTAR maintains an easily accessible online presence, as well.

The most common positions for hire at CARSTAR locations in Canada include customer service jobs. CARSTAR also conducts hiring for seasoned auto professionals to work as certified technicians and office managers. Most entry-level positions carry no real qualifications for employment consideration. CARSTAR technicians must possess appropriate certification and experience, which typically includes at least one full year of related work history, in order to receive hiring consideration. Managers also need previous experience and high school diplomas or secondary degrees. Apply online to review more CARSTAR job requirements and gain access to meaningful employment in the automotive industry today.

CARSTAR Job Opportunities and Salary Information
Customer service jobs available at CARSTAR locations typically require applicants to stand at least 14 to 16 years of age at time of employment. Positions in vehicle maintenance and repair with CARSTAR often impose minimum hiring ages between 16 and 18. The automotive chain generally hires workers 18 and over for careers in management. Many entry-level positions feature flexible scheduling. CARSTAR traditionally pays employees for training and offers career advancement opportunities. Common CARSTAR jobs for hire may include:

Customer Service Representative – Entry-level job titles, customer service representative positions with CARSTAR involve assisting customers and ringing up sales. Applicants with knowledge of the automotive industry often receive preferential treatment during CARSTAR job interviews. Other desirable hiring characteristics include friendly, attentive, and customer-oriented individuals. CARSTAR customer service workers often cover part-time shifts ranging from four to six hours per day. Pay scales start around minimum wage and reach in excess of $12.00 or $13.00.

Autobody Repair Technician – Primary responsibilities for CARSTAR autobody repair technician associates include servicing vehicles, maintaining tools and equipment, and providing insight into repairs and vehicle maintenance to customers. Extremely knowledgeable and technically skilled workers earn additional hiring consideration over other applicants. Prospective employees must possess appropriate certifications and licensures in order to work as autobody repair technicians. CARSTAR may impose skills tests prior to employment and subject workers to random drug screening to ensure quality of service, depending on location. A minimum of five years prior experience proves necessary to work for CARSTAR Canada. Autobody repair technicians with CARSTAR Canada make between $45,000 and $55,000 a year.

Management – CARSTAR hires applicants over the age of 18 with experience to work as assistant managers and office managers. The position of assistant manager doubles as appraiser. In addition to administrative and supervisory job duties, assistant managers price services provided. Sound organizational skills and the ability to maintain professional demeanors benefit prospective employees in search of assistant manager/appraiser jobs with CARSTAR. Office managers carryout more clerical responsibilities, including hiring and training new employees, scheduling associates, delegating work, and processing payroll. CARSTAR managers also maintain inventory and equipment, order parts, and ensure customer satisfaction. Average pay for CARSTAR assistant managers falls around $50,000 in annual salary. Office managers typically receive salary options ranging from $55,000 to $60,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at CARSTAR Canada
Each position available provides workers unique job benefits. General employee benefits offered to CARSTAR team members include discounts on uniforms and services, paid training, and comprehensive continued education programs. Career development opportunities and personal growth programs also exist for CARSTAR employees. Qualified associates, such as technicians and managers, earn additional work benefits. Fill out an online application form to gain access to competitive pay rates and employment benefits with CARSTAR now.

Eligible CARSTAR workers enjoy healthcare options, financial planning assistance, life insurance plans and bonus incentives. CARSTAR Canada also offers 401(k) retirement plans, disability coverage, and paid time off. Some franchises offer employee assistance programs, holiday pay, and overtime pay. Apply online with CARSTAR to reveal meaningful automotive jobs with a major, international service center chain today.

Founded in the United States in 1989, CARSTAR began franchising in Canada in 1994. A group led by businessman Sam Mercanti pushed for franchising rights beginning in 1992 and eventually received permission to open CARSTAR locations in the neighboring North American country. CARSTAR Canada expanded rapidly, and by the mid-2000s operated around 100 locations. CARSTAR currently manages close to 135 locations in eight Canadian provinces.

Special Services
As an autobody repair chain, CARSTAR primarily offers service and repair to vehicle exteriors. CARSTAR teams of trained professionals work on most makes and models. The automotive repair company also provides installation of auto parts. CARSTAR Canada operates large garages primarily centered in metropolitan areas as well as some rural communities. The company website provides complete product and services listings.

CARSTAR operates as a private company. Franchised in both the United States and Canada, CARSTAR generates millions of dollars in annual revenues. Sam Mercanti owns franchising rights to CARSTAR locations in Canada. Company corporate headquarters sit in Overland Park, KS, USA.

Minimum age to work at CARSTAR: 14

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