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Popular hardware store chain BMR, or Building Materials and Renovation, operates hundreds of locations across Eastern Canada. Founded as a collective business, BMR maintains more than 180 full-service hardware stores in cities, like Montreal, New Richmond, Blainville, Brookfield, and Lawrenceville. Thousands of associates help customers with all kinds of building materials, tools, and lumber products. BMR carries enough hardware to accommodate any renovation project.

Hardware, home improvement, and renovation services from Building Materials and Renovation cover anything people may need. Popular departments include paint, flooring, tools, lighting, electrical systems, and mouldings. BMR locations also carry extensive kitchen and bathroom centers, with sinks, faucets, countertops, and toilets. Massive BMR lumber yards carry a variety of wood products and materials. For convenience, BMR offers trailer rentals and delivery services.

Each BMR location features a specialized sales and support staff for customers. The hardware store chain frequently hires job seekers for entry-level work and experienced positions alike. BMR needs associates with strong home improvement skills and tool knowledge. Find a part-time job or full-time career in the hardware store industry with BMR. Hiring managers look for reliable applicants with flexible scheduling, communication skills, and an amicable personality with customers and coworkers alike.

Available BMR Positions and Salary Info
Job seekers may find employment with BMR in several ways. The company offers a printable application form available online or in BMR hardware stores. The form asks for contact information, preferred region, and desired employment. Several jobs BMR candidates may apply for include:

Sales Associate – Sales associates make up most of the BMR workforce. Essentially, BMR sales team members help customers with any home improvement and hardware concerns. The Canadian hardware store often separates workers to specialize in certain departments. BMR frequently trains entry-level sales associates, but applicants with experience or a genuine interest in home improvement and renovations receive stronger hiring consideration. An hourly position, sales associates with BMR typically earn $10.00 to $13.00 an hour depending on experience.

Department Supervisor – Experienced team members with BMR may take interest in department supervisor roles. Responsibilities for supervisors include training new employees about a section of the store. Department supervisors at BMR stores also help customers pick out the right product for a job or project. To qualify for hiring, department supervisors must remain knowledgeable about store products and services, especially new materials coming in. With extra job responsibilities, BMR department supervisors earn much higher pay scales. Hourly rates typically increase to around $14.00 or $15.00.

Management – The highest position in BMR stores, managers lead by example and monitor business operations of a home improvement center. Managers frequently assign tasks to subordinate employees, address any customer complaints or comments, and even help open and close the store. Managers frequently decide the layout of the BMR sales floor, such as displays and shelving materials. In addition to store duties, BMR managers perform several administrative jobs involving payroll, schedule setting, marketing materials, and meeting corporate guidelines. Salary options for BMR managers range from $45,000 annually to as high as $75,000 per year in certain cases.

Benefits of Working at BMR
The Canadian hardware store chain cares about employee well-being. BMR always treats newly hired associates to several competitive job benefits. From discounts to insurance, BMR employee rewards may surprise workers. Find more information on employment benefits during the BMR hiring process.

Apart from viable wages, Building Materials and Renovations associates may take advantage of significant discounts on store merchandise and products. BMR offers medical insurance, with vision, dental, and general health coverage. Financial perks sponsored by BMR Groupe include employee savings accounts, wealth management, and even a 401(k) retirement program. Full-time workers receive the most BMR benefits, though part-time associates qualify for several perks.

BMR, or Building Materials and Renovation, began in 1967 in Quebec. Originally going by the name Union-six, the company mainly sold bulk lumber and building materials. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, BMR began to expand with more stores and services across the country. Today, the Canadian hardware store owns and operates almost 200 home improvement and renovation centers. BMR locations include communities in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

Common to many hardware stores, BMR home improvement and renovation centers feature standard departments like paint, flooring, tools, lighting, and kitchen and bathroom pieces. BMR hardware and home improvement stores offer several special services for loyal customers. The XPRESS Lumber Yard features dozens of cedar products, pine boards, drywall, shingles, vinyl siding, and plywood products for major projects. For large orders, the BMR truck fleet may deliver hundreds of building materials and supplies. Self-sufficient individuals may rent trailers for transporting supplies, as well.

Over 5,000 retail workers make up the BMR staff. Retail profits with the national hardware store total more than $1.3 billion annually. Corporate headquarters reside in the Quebec city of Boucherville. Over 200 employees manage the BMR main office. BMR Groupe acts as the current parent company to Business Materials and Renovation stores.

Minimum age to work at BMR: 14

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