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Baker’s Dozen Donuts operates as a chain of Canadian pastry shops. The original company concept sought to capitalize on the expanding coffee shop industry lead by Starbucks in the United States. Founded in the late 1970s, Baker’s Dozen Donuts maintains about 35 locations across the country. A majority of Baker’s Dozen coffee shops operate in the Province of Ontario.

Patrons find delicious and freshly made products at Baker’s Dozen Donuts restaurants. Primarily specializing in donuts, the coffee shop chain also offers homebrewed coffees, energy drinks, frappuccinos, mochas, croissants, and crullers. Baker’s Dozen Donuts bakes and prepares pastries in-house. Most Baker’s Dozen Donuts locations operate in major cities and in metropolitan areas just outside of Toronto, ON, Canada. Low prices and convenient access represent some of the larger draws of the Canadian bakery and coffee shop chain. Quick service and friendly employees help retain and draw customers from across Canada, as well.

As an expanding coffee shop chain, Baker’s Dozen Donuts needs to hire skilled and motivated applicants with excellent customer service skills. The Canadian specialty foods company provides hundreds of opportunities for part-time and full-time employment. Work stands readily available for entry-level job seekers or seasoned industry professionals. Most prospective employees encounter a straightforward, informal hiring process. Applicants interview with managers and supervisors to determine eligibility for Baker’s Dozen Donuts jobs. Fill out an online application form to discover coffee shop industry employment with Baker’s Dozen Donuts today.

Popular Baker’s Dozen Donuts Jobs and Salary Information
Canadian coffee shops like Baker’s Dozen Donuts generally hire new and inexperienced workers to fill entry-level positions. Hiring at Baker’s Dozen Donuts typically starts out around age 14, although workers as young as 12 may find jobs with Canadian coffee shops through special permits obtained by local governments. Jobs features paid training opportunities and flexible work schedules. Interested individuals may apply online for the following Baker’s Dozen Donuts jobs:

Team Member – Baker’s Dozen Donuts offers quick service to patrons and hires individuals with the ability to work well under pressure in fast-paced job settings. Typical job duties for Baker’s Dozen team member associates include preparing and serving pastries and drinks, ringing up purchases, and explaining menu items. Cleaning work stations and taking inventory also serve as major responsibilities of team members. The average Baker’s Dozen Donuts team member works part-time or 15 to 30 hours per week. Each employee must follow strict health and safety guidelines at all times due to handling food. Hourly pay averages out between minimum wage and $12.00 an hour.

Baker – The position of baker includes both part-time and full-time shift capabilities. Individuals with culinary experience often represent ideal candidates for Baker’s Dozen Donuts baker jobs. Job duties involve prepping, baking, and decorating pastries. Bakers typically use large ovens and other commercial kitchen equipment on a regular basis. Pay scales generally fall between $12.00 and $14.00 per hour for baker associates with Baker’s Dozen Donuts.

Management – Baker’s Dozen Donuts supervisors and managers oversee entry-level workers and ensure customer satisfaction. Supervisors earn hourly pay rates between $13.00 and $15.00 and primarily schedule associates and delegate work. Managers carry out administrative tasks, such as placing food orders, balancing budgets, and driving sales. Baker’s Dozen Donuts managers also hire and train new employees. Applicants for careers in management must generally stand at least 18 years of age and hold relevant experience and high school diplomas. A Baker’s Dozen Donuts manager may make anywhere from $30,000 in annual salary up to $40,000 a year. Pay may increase for workers with additional career experience.

Benefits of Working at Baker’s Dozen Donuts
Aside from competitive hourly wages and lucrative yearly salary options, Baker’s Dozen Donuts provides workers with sound job benefits. Upon hire, donut shop employees receive complimentary uniforms, paid training, discounts of pastries and coffees, and opportunities for bonuses and career growth. Eligible workers with Baker’s Dozen also gain access to benefits packages. Contact a local Baker’s Dozen Donuts coffee shop to learn more about available work benefits.

The Canadian coffee shop chain offers health and wellness plans and financial planning assistance to qualified employees. Available employee benefits from Baker’s Dozen Donuts often include 401(k) retirement plans, life insurance options, healthcare coverage, and paid time off. Employment benefits may vary by location. Apply online with Baker’s Dozen Donuts to secure a job with a major coffee shop chain and enjoy generous work benefits today.

Baker’s Dozen Donuts grew from a single location founded in 1978 to a popular, regional coffee shop chain by 2013. Due to early success, Baker’s Dozen Donuts expanded and began franchising during the 1980s. Just over 35 restaurants operate under the Baker’s Dozen banner.

Featuring a mix of traditional coffee shop offerings and Canadian favorites, Baker’s Dozen Donuts locations sell donuts, coffees, croissants, muffins, and crullers. Customers may also purchase coffee-related drinks, such as frappuccinos and mochas, at reasonable prices. Most Baker’s Dozen coffee shops operate as standalone locations. Many also feature drive-thru windows.

Baker’s Dozen Donuts operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Baker’s Dozen Group Ltd. Headquartered in North York, ON, Canada, Baker’s Dozen Group manages company-owned coffee shop locations and oversees franchising of the brand name. The coffee shop chain generates millions of dollars in annual revenues and employs hundreds of workers throughout Ontario.

Minimum age to work at Baker’s Dozen Donuts: 14

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