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ALDO operates as a prominent chain of footwear retailers with locations throughout North America, the Middle East, and Europe. Originally a concessions retailer found in Canadian fashion chain Le Chateau stores, the retailer grew into a nationwide Canadian staple through direct wholesaling with manufacturers in the late 1970s. Expansion of the brand during the 1980s and 1990s saw hundreds of locations open by 2000. Collectively, the prominent chain manages around 1,600 stores, including Call It Spring, Spring, Little Burgundy, and Globo sister brands.

As a shoe retailer, ALDO features name brand and own brand fashions at reasonable prices. Customers enjoy wide selections of shoes for men and women, including formal, casual, and dressy styles. Popular brands sold include Max Comfort, Solemate, BBX, Hawken & Barlow, and Mr. B’s. The footwear retailer also sells exclusive lines of shoe accessories. Most shops operate out of shopping malls. Some stores sit inside large shopping centres or as part of larger shopping districts. The easy accessibility of most locations and diversity in product selections drive thousands of customers to the popular footwear retailer on an annual basis. Patrons may also shop for products using the online store hosted on the company website.

A major retail chain, ALDO constantly needs to hire entry-level workers and career professionals to provide customer and store management services. The hiring process uses straightforward interviews to screen for potential employees. The average job seeker participates in one or two face-to-face interviews during the hiring process. From beginning to end, the interview process generally lasts up to five weeks, depending on the position desired. Many applicants participate in phone interviews prior to scheduling face-to-face interviews during the hiring process.

Popular Positions and Salary Information
Genuine interest in the fashion industry generally proves the most sought after trait of potential workers. Applicants must stand at least 16 years old and possess friendly personalities. Managers must meet the minimum age of 18 for employment consideration. Other hiring requirements generally vary by position. The most common jobs for hire at ALDO stores include:

Sales Associate – Entry-level sales associate jobs at ALDO stores represent the most accessible employment opportunities available with the retailer. Applicants in search of both part-time and full-time jobs should fill out an application form for sales associate work. The position primarily entails customer service and stock duties. Workers organize shelves and displays, greet customers, answer questions about products, services, and policies, and handle exchanges and returns. During busy hours or holiday shopping seasons, sales associates operate tills as needed, as well. Ideal candidates maintain friendly, professional, and attentive attitudes at all times. Fashion sense and attention to detail often benefit prospective workers during the hiring process. Sales associate jobs require employees to work on foot for long periods of time and exercise basic math skills at the tills. Average hourly pay hovers around $9.50 CAD. Inexperienced sales associates often start out around $8.00 CAD an hour, while pay scales top out around $12.00 CAD an hour, in most cases.

Cashier – Key responsibilities of cashier employees include ringing up purchases at the till and assisting with stock and other customer service duties. Hiring managers look for personable and motivated individuals to assume cashier jobs. Another entry-level job title, the position of cashier requires no formal experience for hiring consideration. Cashiers also spend a great deal of given shifts on foot. The average cashier associate works part-time; however, the retailer offers full-time cashier shift opportunities, as well. Minimum wage often proves the typical starting pay rate for cashiers. Workers with previous experience or individuals who exude exceptional merit day-to-day often earn between $9.00 CAD and $11.00 CAD per hour.

Management – Managerial opportunities provide ideal avenues for full-time employment. Job seekers in search of annual salary options and full-time schedules should apply online for management careers now. In addition to assisting customers and other entry-level staff in daily tasks, managers analyze profits and sales data, enforce company policies, perform opening and closing procedures, implement marketing initiatives, process payroll, and resolve customer/employee issues. Managers also carry out the responsibilities of scheduling, hiring, training, and delegating work to subordinate associates. The footwear chain often requires at least some relevant experience for managerial positions. Specific job titles available include key holder, assistant manager, and store manager. Key holders generally earn between $10.00 CAD and $12.00 CAD per hour. Assistant managers may make as much as $14.00 CAD an hour or roughly $29,000 CAD annual salary. Pay scales reach in excess of $40,000 CAD annual salary for store manager jobs.

Benefits of Working at ALDO
The ALDO work culture provides supportive and rewarding job settings for entry-level new-hires and career professionals alike. Employment offers competitive pay, access to career development programmes, paid training, and flexible scheduling. Employees also enjoy generous discounts on store brand merchandise. Additional employment benefits typically remain available to workers in full-time positions. Job benefits packages often consist of paid time off, healthcare coverage, pension schemes, and bonus schemes. Access to employee benefits and specific work benefits available generally vary by position.

USA ALDO Application

Founded as a concessions-only company through Le Chateau in 1972, the chain opened the first standalone shop in Montreal, QC, Canada, in 1978. After years of success with Le Chateau, company founder ALDO Bensadoun began direct-wholesaling through shoe manufacturers, which facilitated the expansion of the brand into physical retail stores. The chain experienced rapid nationwide expansion across Canada during the 1980s and 1990s, which also saw the expansion of the brand into American markets. In 1995, the retailer took operations overseas and began opening locations in Israel. Further Middle East expansion saw store openings in Saudi Arabia in 2001. The first company store in the U.K. opened in 2002. Several sister brands emerged during the initial expansion period in the 1990s. The fashion chain debuted the Spring brand in 1991, which then operated as Transit. Spring led to the establishment of several other brands, including Little Burgundy in 2008 and Locale in 2010. Around 1,600 stores operate as part of the corporate family of brands.

Products & Services
ALDO stores primarily sell shoes and footwear accessories through contemporary-themed retail locations. Patrons enjoy wide selections of name brand and designer shoes. Specific styles for sale typically include casual, comfort, formal, business, and dressy shoes for adult men and women. Company brand shoes often appeal to more modern tastes and sport elaborate, elegant, and distinct designs. The retailer also sells traditional and classic variations of modern shoe styles and ways to shop both in-store and online.

Formally known as The ALDO Group, the Canadian retail chain operates as a private company. Collectively, The ALDO Group brands generate roughly $1.5 billion in annual sales and ranks as a FORTUNE 500 company. One of the largest shoe retailers in the world, the company maintains corporate offices in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at ALDO: 16

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