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Popular pizza chain 241 Pizza operates across Canada with locations in three provinces. Founded in the mid-1980s, 241 Pizza sought to compete in the growing pizza industry internationally and domestically. Roughly 90 pizza shops boast the 241 Pizza banner, including a sizable number of locations in Ontario and the greater Toronto area. The Canadian pizza chain employs around 600 entry-level workers and career professionals nationwide.

Like many chains in the Canadian pizza industry, 241 Pizza serves a wide variety of traditional and specialty pizza items at reasonable prices. 241 Pizza restaurants offer takeout and dine-in services. Employees use fresh ingredients and freshly made dough to create signature 241 Pizza selections. Popular dishes include the Greek Tycoon Pizza, Tandoori Chicken Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, and Canadian Pizza. Low prices and convenient locations often serve as large draws for the Canadian pizza chain. Most 241 Pizza shops deliver, as well.

Jobs available at 241 Pizza locations range from entry-level cashier and cook positions to delivery driver jobs and careers in management. Most prospective employees undergo relatively simple hiring procedures. Applicants meet one-on-one with hiring managers during the 241 Pizza interview process. Most potential associates complete the process within a week or two. Hiring requirements vary by position but generally include strong communication skills, reliable transportation, and open availability. Delivery drivers and managers typically need to meet additional qualifications. Apply online to review a list of formal qualifications for 241 Pizza jobs and receive immediate employment consideration.

241 Pizza Positions and Salary Information
241 Pizza uses the hiring process to screen for applicants 14 and older to assume entry-level jobs and professional careers. Most 241 Pizza employees work part-time. However, 241 Pizza offers several full-time opportunities to motivated, capable individuals in need of 40-hour work weeks. Some stores may hire prospective associates as young as 12 years old with a special work permit. Delivery drivers must meet the legal driving age for employment consideration. 241 Pizza needs to hire for the following jobs:

Cook – The position of 241 Pizza cook encompasses several entry-level job duties. 241 Pizza hires cooks to make food, take food and drink orders, clean work stations and dining areas, operate drive-thru windows and cash registers, and complete transactions. Additional job duties include restocking inventory and answering questions about menu items, services, and policies. 241 Pizza starts cook employees off at minimum wage. Experienced 241 Pizza cooks may earn as much as $15.00 per hour.

Delivery Driver – In order to gain employment as 241 Pizza delivery drivers, applicants must possess a clean driving record, valid permit, and reliable means of transportation at time of hiring. Potential workers must remain professional at all times and provide fast and friendly customer service. 241 Pizza delivery driver jobs often require workers to perform cook responsibilities, as well. Delivery driver associates typically work part-time or 15 to 30 hours a week. Pay scales begin at minimum wage and increase with experience. In addition to hourly pay, 241 Pizza delivery drivers earn tips.

Management – Ideal candidates for 241 Pizza managerial roles include self-starting, dedicated, and motivated individuals. 241 Pizza hires career seekers to supervise entry-level employees, process payroll, maintain and order inventory, increase brand awareness, drive sales, and hire new associates. 241 Pizza managers also train and orient new-hires. Annual salary options for new managers with 241 Pizza fall between $25,000 and $27,000. Pay rates may increase up to $35,000 per year over time and with experience gained.

Benefits of Working at 241 Pizza
241 Pizza understands entry-level work often serves as the basis for promising and rewarding careers. In order to provide the best possible chance for entry-level employees to flourish, 241 Pizza offers extensive training programs and career development opportunities. 241 Pizza ssociates undergo job-specific training and learn about company culture, responsibilities, and opportunities for personal and professional growth within the company.

The Canadian pizza chain also offers qualified employees employment benefits packages. Specific work benefits may vary by 241 Pizza location but may include 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare options, and life insurance coverage. Employee benefits eligibility requirements and availability typically stand readily accessible for full-time 241 Pizza associates. Contact a local 241 Pizza shop to find further details on job benefits or complete an online application form now.

The first 241 Pizza opened in Toronto, ON, Canada, in 1986. Over the years, 241 Pizza experienced steady and continued growth and success. During the 2000s, 241 Pizza entered into a mutual exclusivity agreement with Papa Johns over franchising rights in Canada. In 2006, Chairman’s Brands Corp. bought the pizza chain and assumed full proprietorship. As of March 2013, 241 Pizza operated more than 90 locations in Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

241 Pizza menus consist primarily of daily made pizza offerings. The Canadian chain offers regular specialties and boasts gourmet pizzas, traditional pizzas, sides, and soft drinks. In addition to pizza, 241 Pizza sells breadsticks, Buffalo wings, chicken fingers, and potato wedges. Customers may choose from unique, gourmet offerings or build personal pizzas from a list of over 30 cheeses and toppings. Most 241 Pizza shops operate as standalone locations.

A private company, 241 Pizza operates as a subsidiary of Chairman’s Brands Corporation. In addition to 241 Pizza shops, Chairman’s Brands owns Canadian favorite Coffee Time as well as New Orleans Pizza, Eggsmart, Robin’s Donuts, and The Friendly Greek Mediterranean Cuisine. Average annual sales hover around $240 million for the Canadian pizza chain. Parent company Chairman’s Brands Corp. generates billions in annual revenues. 241 Pizza company headquarters sit in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at 241 Pizza: 14

Official Site: www.241pizza.com/storeLocator/

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